Microsoft and Amazon are joining forces to bring Android apps to your computer using Windows 11


Microsoft and Amazon are joining forces to bring Android apps to your computer using Windows 11

Almost six years after replacing Windows 10 8.1 a version of the world’s most popular computer system, released less than two years earlier, Windows 11 is official Finally, what … shouldn’t be of much interest to just mobile readers.

But in a completely unexpected new move to get computers up and running again, Microsoft is “pumped” to announce the impending arrival of Android apps on Windows computers, among many other operating system changes that many people love to hate.

Before you get too excited, you need to know that Google is in no way showing the number of this latest attempt to narrow the gap between mobile and desktop content. Instead of offering full native access to the Big G Play Store, Microsoft is partnering with Amazon to use Intel Bridge technology to download items from the e-commerce giant’s own app store to the big screen.
Technically, downloads take place “through the Amazon App Store,” and many popular Android apps come straight to the Microsoft Store at some point “later this year,” where you can “find” your favorite cell phone titles optimized for your keyboard and mouse.
If you think Intel Bridge is described separately “as a runtime compiler that allows applications to run naturally on x86-based devices,” which seems too confusing to say that Android apps may not work well on certain Windows machines.

After Microsoft has shared so little detail about this project in its otherwise extensive Windows 11 announcement, we are concerned that Intel’s involvement will mean that AMD laptops will either be excluded or seriously reflected in official support.

By the way, if you want names, TikTok, Kindle Reader (duh!), Game of War – Fire Age, and Khan Academy Kids are on the (very) short list of Android apps, essentially confirmed for the official Windows extension in 2021, “more” information (hopefully much more) “of this experience” will be made public “in the coming months.”

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