Microsoft release patch for the latest KB5001330 update affecting gaming performance

Microsoft has addressed the current issues on the latest update of Windows 10. The newer update has affected the gaming performance of certain users. Microsoft will launch the fix within two days, hopefully fixing the whole ordeal.

The latest Windows updates, KB5000842 and KB5001330, affect the gaming performance of the multi-monitor system. The glitches are prevalent in Windows 10 version 2004, 20H2, and 21H1. Systems with multi-monitor setups are amongst the heaviest hit casualty. 

People have already rollbacked the update, but Microsoft is finally stepping in. Microsoft is finally rolling back the issues of the patch. The update is now live and will take time almost a day to reach all users. Current users are unable to utilize the performance of their system.

The company is fixing the issues through its new feature called Known Issue Rollback. The feature is available for all Window 10 versions 2004 and above. 

Xbox game pass pc

Microsoft is working on its Windows Store, revamping the whole setup to fit in with the gamer aesthetic. The Store will be more approachable for gamers and focuses on the Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft is pushing the Xbox Game Pass on the PC, allowing users to play buy and play selected games for a limited period.

You can check the update tab for the latest Windows Update or manually install the update through the update settings. Windows 10 remains the top operating system for gaming. It is pretty disappointing when a trusted operating system affects your system’s gaming performance.           

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