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Microsoft’s new Windows service, Windows 365, was suspended a day after it was released in the cloud. Microsoft said the reason for the sudden break was “significant demand” for the free trial period. “After high demand, we have reached the capacity for Windows 365 experiments,” the company confirmed Twitter. It is currently asking users to register for the Windows 365 website. They will be notified when the experiments continue.

Windows 365

Windows 365

Microsoft has not yet provided information on user capacity prior to the 365 free trial break. Nor has it confirmed whether it will continue to support users of the free trial program.

the company launched Windows 365 to meet the growing demand for computers. The service can be used with a web browser that works on any device that supports Windows, Mac, iPad and Android. This service allows users to choose from multiple configurations starting with a single virtual processor core, 2GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. With this service, users get a full computing experience with multiple virtual processors, RAM and other such features. Windows 365 allows a web service based on Windows 10 or Windows 11 (when available) in a web browser that provides users with access to a separate Windows computer through the cloud.

Windows 365 plans start at $ 20 (about 1,500 rubles) per month and go up to $ 162 (about 12,000 rubles) per user. So far, Windows 365 is for businesses. The service seems to be gaining a lot more popularity than the company originally expected.


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