Microsoft Teams is experimenting with space together for smaller groups


Microsoft is increasing support for smaller meetings its Teams Together mode feature, which uses artificial intelligence to place all meeting participants in virtual environments (Through OnMSFT). Sports fans can recognize the feature The NBA uses it during a pandemic provide an audience-like experience of basketball games. The change to allow for smaller crowds is somewhat the opposite and is currently in beta. Given Microsoft’s focus Teams as a personal communication app In addition to the company, it’s not necessarily surprising that Together Mode can work in family reunions as well as in the hands of the entire company.

Currently, feature availability seems to be limited to people using Teams Developer Preview. In theory, joining is easy: You just go to Teams, click the ellipse next to the profile picture in the top right corner, go to About, and then check the Developer Preview. However, if you use a work account, you may not have an option; Microsoft says your organization controls the ability to enable or disable previews.

It is also previewed in the star “together” section. When I tested with one client that performed a preview and another did not, the Together interface only appeared on the computer performing the preview. On a computer that didn’t have it, it just looked like a regular Teams call.

Alone cafe.

It also seemed to work for one person, those who would like to sit in a cafe alone in the comfort of their own home. As with any preview feature, its behavior may change by the time it is released to the general public. It’s good to see that Microsoft is going to at least let smaller groups use this feature because it can be fun for large and small meetings.

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