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Microsoft is working to develop an automated suggestion feature for search in Microsoft Teams. In order to improve the search function, the “Top Hits” feature improves the user’s recent searches and automatically generates relevant results. Top Hits shows search results based on conversations, files, people, and information shared within Teams. Microsoft 365 Cloud PC the service roadmap proposes.

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The new deployment in September may include a desktop application and Mac support.

It is currently under development and is expected to be available by the end of September. For the irrevocable, this feature was previously scheduled for release in August, but it was delayed. It allows people to access both their personal and work accounts in the same application on a Windows computer. Initially, it was tested with the online version of the Microsoft team. However, the new deployment in September may include a desktop app and Mac support.

The Top Hits feature allows users to speed up their search with relevant search results based on artificial intelligence that already existed in Teams. It is now a universal search function.

The American technology giant had recently added Teams Chat For Windows 11 preview versions. It has also released a major update in July that encourages hybrid work environments around the world.

According to the information, Microsoft has also added negotiation functions such as reporter mode, standout mode, and adjacent facilities during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These features allow the presenter’s background in Microsoft Teams to be removed from the presentation. It is replaced with either the content to be displayed or the artist of the image content, or even both, depending on the user’s preferences.


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