Microsoft unveiled new wired Xbox stereo headphones


Microsoft has released updated Xbox stereo headphones, $ 59.99 wired model it is cheaper than its great $ 100 wireless headphones It was previously published in 2021. It will be published on 21. September, and as expected, it lacks a few features. But much of its design is intact. You can adjust the volume by turning the dial outside the right ear cup, and there is a mute button on the back of the flexible microphone – reflecting the availability of the wireless version. The stereo headphones don’t seem to have a chat / game sound mixer in the left earcup than the more expensive model, but it’s not a terrible loss because of the price difference.

These headphones connect via the Xbox controller via a bold green 3.5mm cable and plug, so you can use it with other devices (and controllers) that support that plug. Microsoft says the stereo headphones support surround sound technologies such as Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic, and DTS: X, and have “pure midrange, high-frequency performance, and powerful bass”. If the sound quality is something like it is in the wireless version, many gamers should be happy with this $ 59.99 model. We will test it soon to see how it lasts and compares to other similar headphones.

It is now pre-orderable Through the Microsoft store. Microsoft says it is also available from other resellers.

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