Microsoft will buy cybersecurity company RiskIQ as the ransomware threat grows


Microsoft officially acquires security software vendor RiskIQ, which provides management tools and threat information collection against a wide range of cyber-attacks on Microsoft’s own cloud services, AWS, local servers, and supply chain attacks. Although Microsoft has not valued the deal, Bloomberg reported that the company is said to pay more than $ 500 million for RiskIQ.

The cloud-based RiskIQ software identifies security issues on all networks and devices, and the company lists as customers Box, U.S. Postal Service, BMW, Facebook and American Express. RiskIQ was originally established in 2009 and has gradually become an important player in security threat analysis.

Microsoft has not developed a detailed plan for how it will integrate RiskIQ into its own security offerings, but will be forced to use RiskIQ software eventually in Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Azure Defender, and Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

“RiskIQ has built a strong customer base and community of security professionals, which we will continue to support, nurture and grow” says Eric Doerr, Microsoft’s Director of Cloud Security. “RiskIQ’s technology and team are an effective addition to our security portfolio to best serve our mutual customers.”

Microsoft has gradually grown and improved its security tools fierce battle with ransomware. Software maker even acquired ReFirm Labs last month helps protect servers and Internet of Things devices from security attacks. Acquisitions take place after months of awkward ransomware attacks. The REvil ransomware group attached to Russia has been destroys ransomware and supply chain attacks in recent weeks, and the security industry is still evolving SolarWinds start which broke everything from Microsoft to U.S. government agencies.

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