Microsoft’s new Aqua Shift Special Edition Xbox controller is dazzling blue


Microsoft has just unveiled its latest Xbox driver – Aqua Shift Special Edition – and has a striking, shimmering blue finish that makes it perhaps Microsoft’s busiest driver. But the glossy blue color isn’t its only feature: the controller also has rubber side handles with a “unique two-color swirl in each unit,” according to Microsoft.

You can take a close look at the glossy finish of the controller and one of the grip patterns on Tweet from Xbox:

You can order the Aqua Shift Special Edition controller now from “selected Xbox markets worldwide” for $ 69.99. To me here in the United States, Microsoft store shows August 31 availability.

Aqua Shift Special Edition is associated with many other Xbox Series X / S controllers which have been published so far. Microsoft also opened the Xbox Design Lab in June allows players to design their own custom controls.

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