More tips to show lossless sound to Apple Music


Apple reportedly reports an improved level of the extra monthly fee. 9to5Google found the code strings The Android version of Apple Music Beta says, “Lossless audio files retain all the details of the original file. Enabling this consumes significantly more data.” A three-minute track that is not lossless and efficient breaks down 1.5MB of data. In lossless quality format, 6 MB of data is consumed. 36 MB of data is consumed lossless during a 3 minute copy and 145 MB in hi-res mode lossless.
There are three options for sound quality when upgrading to Apple Music: high quality, lossless, and large lossless. 10GB of space stores up to 3,000 copies in high quality, 1,000 copies in lossless and only 200 copies in high resolution lossless.

High-resolution lossless streaming with up to 192 kHz audio and 48 kHz standard in Lossless technology. Both use Apple’s lossless ALAC codec, while high-quality service uses Apple’s non-lossless AAC codecs.

If the new Apple Music layer isn’t released by May, we should hear more about the lossless audio options during the virtual WWDC 2021 Developer Conference starting June 7th.


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