Motorola is upgrading its first-generation foldable Razr with Android 11


You could forgive me for forgetting Motorola’s foldable phones in light of the new glossy lights Reported by people like Samsungbut a company has to take care of them – a new operating system update has been released for the 2019 Razr, importing it from Android 10 to Android 11 (through Droid-Life). Yes, that’s right – the operating system started hitting Pixels in September 2020 is the one that became available to the Razr today.

Note: The original Razr reboot and Razr 5G both became available in 2020. However, the first was released in 2019, so I refer to it as 2019 Razr to avoid confusion between it and the Razr 5G.

While it may seem like the 2019 Razr update is miserably late, consider this: report from user Android police and Motorola upgrade page, Android 11 began to be introduced much better 2020 Razr 5G sometimes between April and July. The 2019 Razr is the first generation, so getting an update just a few months after its successor isn’t too shabby (despite getting it almost a year after it started releasing, it’s pretty rough on an absolute schedule).

However, Motorola’s upgrade issues aren’t limited to its foldable ones. Many of it recent phones there will only be a promise of two years of security updates, and some high-end updates will receive one major operating system update. Given that the Razr has already been upgraded to Android 10 (May 2020), today’s update brings two feature upgrades to it, which is better than Motorola promises for some of its unfolded phones. And it should be, given that Motorola phones promise two years of security upgrades between costs $ 160 and $ 400 – 2019 Razr was $ 1,500 at startup. (While that doesn’t mean a $ 400 phone should only get two-year upgrades.)

Still, if you’re still using the original Razr reboot, it’s an update you didn’t have before. You can read our a complete description of what Android 11 adds to thisThe bottom line, though, is that it brings chat application bubbles, more detailed privacy rights, and a more versatile power menu. Do yourself a favor and don’t look too much features that are preparing to drop with Android 12, because it’s hard to imagine it coming to an older Razr at any time, if at all.

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