Motorola Moto G Fast Android 11 update in the US


Moto G fast is not even one year old and Motorola is already employing a major Android upgrade for a budget-friendly smartphone. Alongside the new security patch, Motorola is now deploying the most anticipated Moto G fast Android 11 update in the US.

At least one Reddit user (through Punic) successfully installed the update and even sent a change log. The bad news is that the update comes with the February update, one of the oldest security updates that Google released earlier this year.

Still, the Moto G Fast debuted in the market back in June, so we expect Motorola to deliver at least one other major update, such as Android 12, which is likely to be officially launched this month.

While Motorola has already upgraded many of its mid-range and budget-friendly smartphones to Android 11, there is still much to upgrade, including the popular Moto G Power. Fortunately, it’s only a matter of time before Motorola decides to deploy Android 11 with all upgradeable Moto smartphones.


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