Movie Review – Banking (2021)


Banking, 2021.

Directed by Dan Edelstyn and Hilary Powell.



Financial institutions are at the heart of this eye-catching indie film with greed and consumer credit.


Dan Edelstyn and Hilary Powell are not household names. In fact, these filmmakers are irrelevant alongside their subjects. Banking is important because debt ultimately affects everyone. Credit cards offer the illusion of financial freedom, minimum fees and easy access for almost everyone. In recent years, payday loans have become a common place aimed at those who should know better. The situation addressed in this document.

The fact that the cost of living has exploded while wages have remained unchanged has also forced full-time workers to visit food banks recently. Those who now work to eat and are constantly trapped in increasing repayments are increasing. Banking presents its mission, after which it supports amazing statistics. In addition to debt elimination, which is Dan and Hilary’s endgame, this documentary celebrates human ingenuity above all else.

It manages to make a very dry topic seasoned by peppering the talking heads in a seemingly random structure. Some of these economic experts, including former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, are surprisingly outspoken. Global economies are defined by credit, they depend on debt, and they trust people not to pay their bills. Paying by credit card on a monthly basis does not offer a profit margin, incentives or fines. That is why an interest-free option is attached to everything.


Companies are banking on a general reluctance to pay. Some even offer the option to buy without having to change hands. It is aimed at people who need a refrigerator, sofa or kitchen immediately. Big items that cost more money than most people save. This is how it often begins, but rarely where such things end. Banking shines a light on the darker recesses of debt management by actively informing the public simply. Nevertheless, there is some economic professional language, but only when it is necessary.

Banking is undeniably rough after all about production values ​​that lack polishing, but its subject intersects all of this. Their campaign becomes a national focal point, captures public awareness and makes waves. A work of art becomes a currency, abandoned institutions get new life and partnerships are born.

This movie is relevant to everyone and should be a must watch for everyone. Credit cards may seem necessary to an adult when considered in mortgage applications. Ironically, people with a lot of plastic are considered to be financially more stable than someone who has none. Misunderstanding, but the whole world believes blindly. This system is the starting point for a documentary that covers economic activity for those who owe the most debt. This micro-budget indie film is down-to-earth down-to-earth among the characters and produces a tough home truth.

Flickering myth rating – Movie ★ ★ ★ ★ / Movie ★ ★ ★ ★

Martin Carr

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