Movie Review – Percy vs. Goliath (2020)


Percy vs. Goliath, 2020.

Directed by Clark Johnson.
Starring Christopher Walken, Roberta Maxwell, Pathy Aiyar, Monique Alverez, Adam Beach, Zach Braff, Andrea del Campo, Martin Donovan, Christina Ricci, Warren Ellis and Zoe Fish.



Percy (Christopher Walker) is a seed saver who has cultivated the same land for generations. At a landmark court that affected agriculture globally, he received them and fought to maintain his livelihood.


Christopher Walken is a filmmaker. From Fat Boy Slim’s The weapon of choice through his scene steals turn True lovethat the cadence leaves a permanent mark. From Deer hunter through A man on fire and forward King of New York, no one leaves a bigger impression. He is often the best thing on screen and immediately lifts his surroundings effortlessly. The trick he performs many times here, in an agricultural drama Percy vs. Goliath.

This courtroom figure, directed by Clark Johnson, is directly on the shoulders of Christopher Walken. He plays a lifelong Percy Schmeiser farmer and seed saver accused of using genetically modified seeds for personal gain. The thing surrounded by the band surrounded by Zach Braff, Christina Ricc and Roberta Maxwell is minor.


Squeezing the drama out of the agricultural trial, even a landmark, is a tough sale to all audiences. That’s why Clark Johnson focuses on the community, spending time building empathy and a sense of belonging in the first half. The townspeople respect Percy, generations of good faith have been earned through his country and life is good. What Christopher Walken does in these early stages is build a character block by block.

Fast, systematic and perfectly suited to its environment, Percy is Everyman at the moment. Roberta Maxwell’s Louise is on her cliffs in the rough seas and breathes life into a union that feels concrete. Percy vs. Goliath creates a solid foundation at an early stage, defines the context, and accelerates events at a dramatic pace. Against Percy’s characterization, Zach Braff’s Jackson Weaver is given less to do.


Jackson Weaver gets more time for a large-scale cartoon than for a significant legal presence. Zach Braff is a talented physical comedian and a skilled director, but here he seems to weigh on the dialogue about lead and unnecessary influences. While he acts as a conduit for courtroom scenes, they are short-lived and confused in favor of focusing on Percy. This not only dilutes his contribution, but adversely affects any emotional impact these legal decisions can have on the public.

On the flip side of Christina Riccin Rebecca Salcau is a real fire sign. Opposite Christopher Walken, who is playing a privately funded campaign against genetically modified foods, he lights the screen. From there, much of the momentum comes in its later stages, as Rebecca’s agenda is slowly dismantled and gray tones are gradually introduced.


Unfortunately, Percy vs. Goliath it is never harsh enough in condemning GM foods to move beyond these performances. While everyone on the screen has deliveries, it doesn’t have a body and a bite to beat. The lack of corporate wording rarely increases, while the concrete threat is only visible in Martin Donovan’s Rick Aarons. The footnotes show respect for Percy, while the statistics show a significant change he made, but the end result is missing teeth. Dark water reached a better balance in 2019, when Todd Haynes stopped nothing. The area in which Percy vs. Goliath eventually detaches.

Flickering myth rating – Movie: ★ ★ ★ / Movie: ★ ★ ★

Martin Carr


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