Movie Review – The Djinn (2021)


Djinn, 2021.

Written and directed by David Charbonier and Justin Powell.
Starring Ezra Dewey, Rob Brownstein, Tevy Poe, John Erickson and Donald Pitts.



Mute the boy is trapped in his apartment with a gloomy monster as he wants to fulfill the greatest desire of his heart.


In Djinn, young Dylan Jacobs (Ezra Dewey) life is not easy. She is dumb (with a chest Y-shaped scar over her chest, indicating surgery or injury), which causes anxiety when trying to make friends. Combining Dylan’s pressure is a matter of rejection resulting from the recent family tragedy in which her mother was involved (which erupts into a flash of the whole film). After alluding to the gloomy events, the story rises a few months later in the fall, when Dylan and his anonymous father (Rob Brownstein) have packed their packs to start a new home, another complication ahead of making friends. . However, the boy’s father is affectionate and reads, for example, going to bed Pinocchio, quite parallel to the nose.

It’s unclear whether Dylan’s father will start a new job or not, but he’s worked a double shift all night as a radio DJ when he settles down. Dylan reveals a solitary and curious curious, called the Book of Shadows, who indeed says that anyone can make a blood sacrifice at a given time and under certain circumstances in return for their greatest desire. Naturally, Dylan wants to be able to talk (he’s at an age where communication and making friends is already awkward and double as disabled, so his frustration is palpable).


As might be expected, it’s not as simple as giving more than three drops of blood. Some of the required loud voices, which may not scare much, make it clear that the nominal djinn (which in Arabic mythology is a demonic genie that runs from the Shadow State and takes the form of other people and living beings) is going to get Dylan to act on his wish – to fight for death and as the previous deceased owner of the home. Djinn also becomes personal by transporting Dylan back to a traumatic summer night that changed everything. Interestingly, none of these communities have vision, and they use echo location to locate Dylan in the battle between the deaf and blind.

The writing and directing team of David Charbonier and Justin Powell (both also take on other responsibilities, such as adapting the process to a tight 80-minute run time or claustrophobic and location-aware production planning) will also take advantage of the 1989 period to limit Dylan’s survival resources. Some landlines stop working, and even if he’s creative in trying to smash one window, his escape fails in the hands of supernatural forces. The result is a hidden game with proud bragging Evil dead effects with legitimately creepy make-up effects. Ezra Dewey also offers impressive newcomer performance, especially during pure terror and physical battle, when she expresses cries without anything sonically forthcoming.

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Between the various confrontations, Dylan starts reading the book again just to find out that there are a huge number of rules to fulfill his wish. Fortunately, it’s a massive exhibition landfill that doesn’t waste anyone’s time, especially when filmmakers don’t seem to be concerned about following the internal logic presented. It should come as no surprise that the most effective material forces Dylan to accept his mother’s reality and let go of the guilt he has. As more of this dynamic unfolds, it gradually becomes truly emotional without being inadvertently immersed in exploitation or disrespectful territory. Djinn Is it still full of ideas (a prisoner is a random person who died to escape from prison, and that’s all we learn), but boasts where it matters most; tensions, fears, and empathetic, imaginative leadership that fights as much as he flies.

Flickering myth rating – Movie: ★ ★ ★ / Movie: ★ ★ ★

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