Movie Review – The Misfits (2021)


Incompatible, 2021.

Directed by Renny Harlin.
Starring Pierce Brosnan, Jamie Chung, Tim Roth, Hermione Corfield, Nick Cannon, Mike Angelo and Rami Jaber.



Richard Pace (Pierce Brosnan) is hired for an unusual group to choose the final job. Distant remote places, shattering family dynamics, and some mischievous opponents prevent him. A fact that offers an advantage in this fast-paced action thriller series.


With Incompatible, director Renny Harlin shows that he can still turn in a polished action adventure without sweating. Taking the Heist genre, throwing an informative but charismatic voice and spoiling the audience in exotic places works wonders. Pierce Brosnan is in good shape as the main thief Richard Pacena, while Tim Roth makes an immediate impression vaguely as a villain Shultz. Other Actors who leave an impression are Nick Cannon’s Ringo and Jamie Chung’s Purple.

Car yachts, sharp dialogue and a suitably complex building all form a thin entertainment. The details of the plot do not matter, such as Incompatible deals with archetypes rather than nuances. Pierce Brosnan takes advantage of his best hits, featuring little James Bond and lots of Thomas Crown. Dapper, a dynamic and every-inch screen icon, Richard Pace is perfect for the actor who is still underestimated.


Although these characters are presented through economy and Heist elements, Incompatible lacks originality. Privatized prisons, corporate espionage, and broken father-daughter relationships have all been seen before. There is no escape Oceanic franchising, either in construction or in termination. A misguided group of exceptional individuals brought together in one work is an established genre. Con Air did it Fighters did it and to some extent 0ne flew over the cage achieved something similar. Admittedly, the last example can only extend to the cohesion of one man to influence others, but it is still worth mentioning.

Nevertheless, there is no disguised fun on the screen. Everyone seems to have an explosion that praises the virtues of places in the Middle East when they are poured into Bedouin jackets. Panoramic views of the sand, underground vaults and strong chemistry between all involved take the day. Mike Angelo and Rami Jaber, as an explosives expert and ideologue, also work well, even though they seem more suitable for Michael Bay’s production. Fortunately, here the comparisons with him end because Renny Harlin is more interested in the story than in reassuring the target groups with objectivity.


Hermione Corfield’s estranged daughter Hope may play another violin for Pierce Brosnan, but still find time to stabilize. Like Jamie Chung’s Violet, who is allowed a slight femininity, even though her ability to send attackers has been defined. Everyone gets their moment in the sun and collects enough screen time. However, for a solid actor with a decent script, the audience should probably expect better.

Plot points, characters, and action sets are all present and correct, but something is missing. The direction is solid, the performances enthusiastic and still Incompatible never feels distinctive. At its best, this left-field heist thriller is enjoyable to forget.

Misfits will be in theaters on June 11 and at VOD on June 15.

Flickering myth rating – Movie: ★ ★ ★ / Movie: ★ ★ ★

Martin Carr

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