Mrs. Dimitrescu of Resident Evil Village may return, says the director


Resident Evil is full of big personalities. The franchise has brought fans countless memorable characters from Chris Redfield Resident Evil 4iconic merchant. All of these characters sit in the rising shadow of the new star in the series, Lady Dimitrescun.

The 9-legged vampire became an immediate phenomenon when he first got on the trailer Resident Evil Village in January. Capcom immediately put him at the forefront and center of the game’s marketing and forced him into a meme position. With Resident Evil Village now players finally get a chance to meet a character over whom they have long been obsessed.

Now that his entire story has been published, Digital Trends told Resident Evil director Morimasa Sato about the fan reaction, how he fits into the theme game for the new game’s horror film, and seeing him again soon.

Great personality

Lady Dimitrescu made her big entrance on January 15, when Capcom released a teaser for the first Resident Evil demonstration events. Despite appearing for only a few seconds, the character’s popularity spread golden. Some fans developed fan art at a record rate, while others simply wanted him step on them.

It was music to the team’s ears. Sato says the reaction was exactly what the Resident Evil team always hopes to achieve with their characters.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction to Lady Dimitrescu from all over the world, young and old, men and women,” Sato tells Digital Trends. “Our goal is always to create memorable and impressive characters, and it’s very competent when the characters leave such a strong positive impression on so many players.”

Lady Dimitrescu Resident in Evil Village.

For a while, it seemed that Lady Dimitrescu would be her main villain Resident Evil Village. His role isn’t quite that great in the final version. He acts as the game’s first real boss as his castle takes the first quarter of the game. In total, players will get to the sky in about two hours with Lady Dimitrescu. Sato says that by the time the reaction to his hit, it was too late to increase the display time.

“By the time we launched Lady Dimitrescu in January, her character and role in the game were already well developed,” Sato says. “As such, we didn’t move away from our course, even if we saw how everyone reacted to him. In fact, the positive feedback we received encouraged us to be something very special with this character, and the team felt good about it. “

Despite not having time to develop its role, Sato says the team would not have done anything different. What do we get in Resident Evil Village was always the whole package.

Horror theme park

Lady Dimitrescu is particularly interesting in the overall context of the final game. At first, it was a little surprising to see an extravagant noble vampire in the same breath as the terrifying werewolves. Everything makes a lot more sense now in a game that is an anthology of horror movie broadcasts.

“Resident Evil Village is designed to be like a versatile horror‘ theme park ’with very distinct horror styles where fans can experience the thrill of one type of horror and then move on to the next,” Sato says. “This includes Heisenberg’s massive underground factory, Moreau Reservoir, Beneviento Manor and of course Dimitrescu Castle. Lady Dimitrescu, her daughter and their line of fortifications are very different from other enemies encountered by Ethan.”

Resident Evil Village

The harvest depicts the entire Dimitrescu family in terms of Gothic horror tropics and points out the delicate balance of elegance and danger. For Lady Dimitrescu herself, the inspiration was a little more eclectic.

“As the team began to develop Lady Dimitrescu’s character, our control concept was one of the‘ enchanting ’characters that are both beautiful and dangerous,” Sato says. “Our art director Tomonori Takano has said he gets inspiration from many places, including Morticia Addams by Anjelica Huston Addams familyand from non-fiction sources such as Elizabeth Báthory, a European noble family believed to have killed hundreds of people. “

Both inspirations are sure to come through in the final product. Despite the fact that Lady Dimitrescu is a stone-cold killer with wolverine claws, there is a threat that players don’t want to look away from. If Nemesis If Dimitrescu ran us to life, it would make us look for a vantage point where we could watch his son around the castle from a safe distance.

Will Lady Dimitrescu return?

Judging by how the story goes Resident Evil Village, it does not appear that there is room for Lady Dimitrescu in the sequel. Potential Resident Evil 9 is likely to move away from the creepy European city, focusing more on the fascinating lessons presented in the final of the game. Even the most iconic Resident Evil monsters are usually a “one and done” contract.

Still, Sato says there is hope for Lady Dimitrescu fans who crave more.

“Lady Dimitrescu has certainly been involved in Ethan’s journey this year Resident Evil Village and it has already become one of the most popular characters in the title, ”Sato says. “The feedback to Lady Dimitrescu has been overwhelmingly positive, and we take the feedback from the community to heart.

“We never rule out anything in the Resident Evil world!”

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