Narrative adventure Where the heart leads, available to pre-order


Resident Evil 4 VR and ReCore developer, Armature Studio, has announced that pre-orders for their narrative adventure are now available Where the heart leads Via the Playstation Store for PS4 and PS5 (backwards thanks to compatibility). This surreal story takes players back to the man’s life, where they re-evaluate some of the important decisions he had to make.


Where the heart leads follows the story of husband and father Whit Anderson, a man who descends into a massive hole to save a family dog, but instead finds a mysterious area where reality is not the reality he knows. In this strange dimension, Whit begins to live with memories and finds himself able to make a variety of choices that can change his life forever.

Players in Whit’s small hometown of Carthage follow his story from childhood to old age and have the opportunity to react to the twists and turns of his life. Make choices and face the consequences that ripple in Whit’s life. There are dozens of endings and hundreds of results.



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The city of Carthage is full of memorable but complex residents, and this dynamic community reacts to the player’s decisions. Whether Whit is building strong relationships with these residents or burning his bridge completely with them is entirely the responsibility of the players.

Where the heart leads is now pre-orderable from PlayStation Store and will be released on PS4 and PS5 on July 13th. Pre-subscribers will also receive an extended audio track.

A special retail Physical Edition, from Perp Games, will be available from July 16th.

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