Netac and Jiahie Jinwei begins mass production of DDR5 modules

The DDR5 memory will release in a year and two. We have been using the DDR4 memory for far too long, and now. Jiahie Jinwei and Netac officially confirmed their first DDR5 memory and have finish production. It seems the era of DDR4 memory might come to an end.

Jiahie Jinhwe DDR5 modules

Netac confirmed that they have already shipped with DDR5 memory modules. These RAM modules have already passed the testing from the motherboard manufacturer. These DDR5 modules are finally ready for shipping. Jiahe Jinwei and Netac started production of these DDR5 modules right after Micron delivered multiple memory chips.

The shipped modules ran flawlessly with the newer systems and botted successfully into the OS. The DDR5 memory has significantly improved frequencies. These modules have higher frequencies and capacities with their lower voltage. Compared to the DDR4 technology, the DDR5 technology draws less power. Jiahe Jinwei and Netac both produce 32GB per module with timings of 40-40-40 and a nominal voltage of 1.1V.

This is the first time the power delivery circuit built directly on the RAM module. Previously the motherboard chipset provided all the necessary power for the RAM modules. 

Netac DDR5 4800MHz

Even though these DDR5 memories have already been manufactured, there no hardware that supports them. Intel’s 12th generation Alder Lake-S is the first processor that will support the DDR5 modules. AMD will not release a new processor, so AMD will produce DDR5 supported processors in late 2022.

Netac has already started mass production of these DDR5 modules and will be the first line of memory. We are finally transitioning to higher speed DDR5 memory (standard speed 4,800MHz), and these modules will slowly transition to consumer hardware. 

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