Netflix gives Arnold Schwarzenegger the first season of eight episodes of the espionage series


This story has bubbled up since last year, when Netflix committed from the script to a series for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first play in the television world, and now they have confirmed that the Skydance-produced show will make its eight-episode debut season for the streaming giants.

The deadline says that anonymous spy kits, also produced by Schwarzenegger, and a star Supreme weapon: MaverickMonica Barbaro focuses on a father and daughter who learn that they have both secretly worked as CIA operatives for years, forcing them to realize that their whole relationship has been a lie and they really don’t know each other at all. Forced to unite as partners, the series deals with the general family dynamics set against a global background of spies, great action and humor.

The duration of the manuscript is created by Nick Santora, who is in charge Jack Reacher and Flying TV series.

Schwarzenegger told the news that “Fans from all over the world have been asking me for this kind of wild riding for years, and now they are finally getting it because of our great partners at Skydance and Netflix.I will start working on the show with Nick and Monica and the whole team.

Sounds a little True lies last years. Tell us what you think about the possibility of one of the greatest action heroes of the 80s targeting the small screen by switching to social channels @ FlickeringMyth …