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Liam Hoofe rates Master of None for 3…

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No one, one of Netflix ‘s most successful shows, quietly returned to the season earlier this month after a break of almost four years. Those waiting to see Devi return and find out about her relationship with Francesca may be a little confused, though season 3 shifts her attention completely and puts Devi’s friend Denise in the limelight.

After a few years of controversial Aziz Ansar, another author of the show has decided to step behind the camera instead of being in front of it, directing all five episodes of the season.

Ansar’s passion for film is one of the distinctive features of this series. He has painted a magnificent picture here that goes back to the European leaders of the 1970s and 80s.


It’s a series that wants to capture the ups and downs of relationships and everything else that happens between them. We see long shots of them smoking women and dancing together, watching Alithen run and Denise crying. It makes the mundane look pretty beautiful and even though it really isn’t Before the trilogy, it does a great job of capturing the kind of conversations we all have had with our partners at some point in our lives.

Nonetheless, the tortuous style results in the pacing sometimes feeling a little out of place. For example, in one scene, Denise eats a burger in her car for nearly two minutes. While the idea of ​​capturing his sense of loneliness has good intentions, it also comes up, a little boring. Several moments during the season share an opinion, not because they are controversial, but because Ansari feels just a little gentle and the show can suffer from it.

However, things aside – the show manages to pack an effective punch, especially in the fourth episode, where it focuses exclusively on Naomi Ackie. I don’t give spoilers about what the episode is all about, but it manages to produce thoughtful moments and Ackie marks himself as the future star here.


Lena Waithe, who was one of the biggest stars of the first two seasons of the show, is also her element here. The Thanksgiving period in the second season was one of the finest in the show, and he’s shown the chops he wrote again.

However, one thing that may distract some viewers is the lack of humor. It’s not that it doesn’t have a fun moment because it does – it’s just a big change during the first two seasons that were constantly amusing.

How much mileage do you get Master of None – Season 3 depends on your expectations. If you’re expecting some light-hearted humor and an insight into contemporary city life that you got during the first two years, you’re likely to be disappointed. If this time you are willing to participate in the heavier topics of the show and want an insightful overview of a failed relationship, you will find a lot to enjoy here.

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Judgment: It seems unfair to assess Season 3 in the same way as Season 1 or 2, as it is in many ways a completely different presentation. This is a program that manages to tick a lot of boxes but leaves a mark for some others. I think it’s a bit of a jack on every trade and no champion.

Liam Hoofe

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