Netflix will seize the former EA, Oculus exec, to lead its video game efforts

Report this spring Information said Netflix is ​​looking for a leader lead their push to play, with a view to offering a subscription package like Apple Arcade or Xbox Game Pass. Now, as first reported by Bloomberg, the streaming company has hired Mike Verdu as vice president of game development.

Verdu is a former executive with experience in mobile gaming companies such as Zynga, led EA Mobile for a year and most recently worked on Facebook by acquiring a series of Oculus game developers like BigBox VR, manufacturer Population: One.

The last call for results in April (PDF), Netflix Executive Vice President Greg Peters said: “… we are creating these amazing deep universes and compelling characters, and people love these universes and they want to immerse themselves deeper and get to know the characters better and their back stories and everything else. what are all these different ways we can add these points of contact, we can deepen this fandal. And surely, games are a really interesting part of it. “

Netflix game trials have had interactive features such as Black mirror: Bandersnatch and Carmen Sandiegoas well as licensed games, including the Stranger Things ID for mobile devices. It also currently has a few job postings productive tasks and leading interactive products, broadcasts that do not mention the word gaming, but that show that it is among the staff of people with the experience needed to get that division off the field.

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