Netflix’s Witcher front end gets Michelle Yeoh … a sword elf


Michelle Yeoh joins the actors Witcher: The origin of blood, Netflix’s six-part spinoff it live tv adaptation From the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski. Streaming service announced that the veteran of the hit film will play Scía bringing star power and action skills to his role as the last remaining member in the sword-elf tribe.

According to Netflix, Scían seeks to retrieve the stolen holy sword, which will likely lead to his paths Origin of bloodanother notified actor member, Laurence O’Fuarian as Fjall. Blood Origin focuses on the creation of the first Witcher prototype (mutant monster hunters coming out of the loop) and the events leading to the “Junction of the Balls”, a cosmic event that brought the world of elves to collide with other dimensions – creating a continent driven by the magic and monster of the original novels, CD Projekt Red video gamesand Netflix series.

Yeoh’s latest television project was Star Trek: Discovery, and his long career in Hollywood has lasted everything Crazy rich Asians James Bondille. But he can best be identified from an extensive film in Hong Kong, where he did many of his own tricks in particular.. The actor has fought a lot of bad guys, large machinesand even a stop-motion skeleton. His background in the battle situations in the star box makes Scían the most interesting of all wing-based attempts. If you haven’t seen Wing Chun or Reign of assassins, it is usually good to give Michelle Yeoh a sword.

Witcher: The origin of blood is likely to still be off the road, but Netflix has more Witcher news to share this week: the streaming service is maintaining a virtual WitcherCon together with game developer CD Projekt Red on July 9th.

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