New and existing Google Fi subscribers can get a $ 400 discount on the new Galaxy Z Flip 3


Google Fi new and existing customers can get the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 $ 400 off, significant discount from $ 999 price tag. There is a few warningsOf course, and you must first buy the phone and keep it on your Fi plan for 30 days before you get a discount in the form of a bill credit. But if you’re already a Fi subscriber and watched Flip 3 anyway, this deal makes a lot of sense.

If you’re already a Google Fi customer using one of its full-service plans — only data packets aren’t valid — buy a phone from and activate it in your plan. You must keep your phone active for 30 days to receive the discount, which comes in the form of a bill credit.

Non-Fi subscribers will need to activate their phone in the new full service plan and port their existing phone number to the Fi service — if you decide to acquire a new number for your new Fi plan, you will not receive a bill refund.

The new Flip 3 you purchased is also a $ 150 rebate for use on the Samsung website. Order your phone before August 26 and register it with Samsung. With stacked discounts, you can save $ 550 on your phone, which is a good thing for a new device.

The Fi ad campaign is valid “when the offer is live and available at site, ”according to Google, and the Samsung credit is effective Nov. 9.

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