How To Take Care Of A New Born Baby In 2022? Must Read!

It was March 2021 when I came to know that I am pregnant, after 20 weeks me and my baby daddy came to know that it was a baby girl. We had the gender reveal ceremony and welcomed our baby at the baby shower, six weeks before the baby’s due date.

Since all my life I have been blogging about all the beautiful memories I have gathered. Today I will do the same. Rebecca, my daughter, has finally rested her head in my arms. Right now, she is sleeping in her crib and the momma bear is making history on the internet.

Jokes apart, I have learned a lot of things about how to take care of a new born baby. My mother and mother-in-law have helped me understand what I can do to make my new born baby feel calm and safe, especially when we are still dealing with the pandemic. I am a fresher in the mother business, and this blog is for all the newly become mothers.

In this article, I will be mentioning a few points and elaborate on them so that you can take care of your new born baby in every way possible. Let’s begin!

How To Take Care Of A New Born Baby In 2022- NURSING

How To Take Care Of A New Born Baby In 2022- NURSING

Taking care of your new born baby, is your job, your job as a mother. You are no more a teenager or an individual. Your baby comes first. Before I start with the tips, let me remind you that raising a new born baby is harder than fighting a war in the field and you are the one that teaches the baby how to fight the war of life.

1. Take Help From The Hospital

As long as you are in the hospital keep asking for help like how to hold your new born baby, how to feed him or her, how to make her stop crying, how to put her to sleep and the most important thing is how to breastfeed her.

Ask the hosp[ital if they have any nursing classes or is there any lactation consultant among the staff. Call the nurse every time you are about to breastfeed your new born baby and ask nurses for their advice. 

2. Prepare Before Feeding

Once you are back home, with your new born baby. You will have to do everything by yourself, therefore be patient and smart, don’t lose it. I know how it feels when your baby starts crying as it wants to be fed. But experts say before dropping everything and running to your baby, you must take care of yourself.

Have a full glass of water. Clean your breast with lukewarm water, as we are still in the pandemic. Get a book to read or a magazine, settle yourself on the feeding couch, hold your new born baby comfortably. If you want you can have a blanket that makes both of you comfy enough. Oh! One more thing, pee before you get into this.

How To Take Care Of A New Born Baby In 2022- SLEEPING

How To Take Care Of A New Born Baby - SLEEPING

New born babies are like cats, they sleep 16 hours a day. And they need it to grow. The common problem that every newly become mother faces is they don’t schedule their routine according to the sleeping time of the new born baby. Babies will wake up anytime they want, and that could lead to no sleep for you if you do not follow these points.

1. Get Your Partner Involved

It is not just your child, so the dad has to get the child custody and show some responsibility too. When your husband is at work, you are the one who is going to take care of the baby. But once he is home tell him that after the night household routine you will be off to sleep and the morning baby care is his job. 

2. “Sleep When The Devil Is Asleep”

This phrase is not to hurt anybody’s feelings, as every mother finds an angel in their child. But trust me I sometimes see both. Our foremothers have always believed in sleeping with the baby, and trust me it is something golden. If you sleep at the same time your new born baby sleeps, I am sure both of you will be bonding much more.

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How To Take Care Of A New Born Baby In 2022- SOOTHING

How To Take Care Of A New Born Baby In 2022- SOOTHING

 It is not always possible for us to understand what our baby exactly wants. Even doctors sometimes fail to get what is bothering them. We mothers are humans, right? we too can sometimes go blank and not understand what is going on. But to prevent this blankness I have 3 ways that I apply.

1. Introduce Calm Music

I really don’t care when people say that music is not really for babies. Let me tell you, sir, music is therapy, do your research before you get cocky enough to speak. Music can build your baby’s personality, it can calm them or just irritate them. Choose wisely.

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2. Warm-Up

Whenever you change the diaper make sure to sanitize your hands because Corona Virus and wipe her cute cupid-looking butt to get a warm feeling, cold water or normal water sometimes trigger them and they start crying. Lukewarm water is always good for anything, especially when Corona hasn’t left yet. Or you can buy a pumpable thermos for warm water.


Here you go with How To Take Care Of A New Born Baby In 2022. I have mentioned three points and elaborated on them, hope you liked my blog.

Leave a comment below, and to share your experience as a new mother and also some tips that you think are worth applying in the pandemic situation.

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