New Chromebooks now have Google Meet installed by default


Thanks to the latest update for Chrome OS Google has announced that its Google Meet app is pre-installed on all Chromebooks. The announcement is part of a company’s greater effort to adapt its operating system for remote meetings.

The new feature shouldn’t overwhelm long-time Chromebook users who already have their preferred video chat environment installed. But for new students who get a Chromebook for the first time, or for others trying out from scratch, it can certainly make a difference in using Google Meet for meetings and social calls, or turning to competitors like Zoom.

Google also says it has improved performance for the Google Meet user experience, including “adapting video calls to different network conditions and adjusting video performance while sharing the screen”.

The Chrome OS update has not installed Google Meet in our recent testing, so this update only appears to apply to new Chromebooks.

Screenshot of the Chrome window on your Chromebook with the new emoji selector in the top text box.

First, look at the emojis you recently used.

The update also includes an updated emoji switch with a search bar (which you can bring up with the shortcut Launcher + Shift + Space), eSIM support on eSIM-enabled Chromebooks (including the latest Acer Chromebook Spin 513), a new digital magazine for kids and families in Explore, and a new collection of wallpapers.

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