New game mode detected in Android 12 beta


Google I / O event officially announced the release of Android 12 beta pick up phones yesterday. While developers are only advised to download a new version of the operating system, as the beta is usually quite unstable, we are already discovering new good features that we can expect to enjoy in the coming months.

Redditor named Kilarasx, while chatting in an unfamiliar Android 12 area came against the new game mode feature is hidden in the most unlikely places. To find it, he had to go Digital Welfare> Don’t Disturb> Schedules. After the more common-sounding “Sleeping” and “Event” schedules, he found that you could change the newly visible Game mode on or off.

If you tap the gear on the right side opposite the clutch, you will be brought to a brand new one Game mode a menu consisting of six different options.

The four options shown in the figure on the right are 1) quick screenshots, 2) screen recording3) display FPS counter (probably) and 4) a do not disturb Status.

These options look fascinating, and we can’t wait to test them ourselves. Currently, the Android Authority was only able to use this game mode feature when the Android 12 beta was run Google Pixel 4

Game optimization and YouTube Live the options that appear below the four options mentioned above optimize the game you’re currently playing and put other processes on the back burner – just like the Windows PC Game Mode feature sounds.

On the other hand, YouTube Live should make streaming mobile gaming directly to YouTube Live easier than ever.

The leftmost Game Optimization feature doesn’t seem to work yet, while the YouTube Live feature isn’t defined.

With the official Android 12 released for everyone, we’re sure you won’t have to dig through the “Digital Wellness” settings to find new game mode features, and access them from a more logical location. But once again, we don’t recommend downloading Android 12beta unless you’re a developer who can handle potential crashes and instability.


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