New Honda HR-V Revealed for Europe with Hybrid Powertrain

  • Honda has revealed a new version of the HR-V subcompact crossover for Europe.
  • This Europe-spec version now comes standard with a hybrid powertrain.
  • A new 2022 Honda HR-V should be headed to the U.S. later this year, but it may be somewhat different from this version.

    UPDATE 4/22/21: Honda has opened orders in Europe for the 2022 HR-V e:HEV, powered by a two-motor hybrid powertrain. It will reach customers starting in late 2021. The company also released photos of the new model today.

    A new Honda HR-V has landed in Europe, and Honda has confirmed that the next generation of the U.S.-spec subcompact SUV is on its way as well. We’re not sure at this point how different our version will be, but we’re thinking that this Europe-spec model gives us a pretty good indication of our version’s basic look, if not its powertrain offerings.

    Honda said in a statement, “The development of a successor to the Honda HR-V for the U.S. market is underway. This new HR-V will be designed to meet the distinct needs of U.S. customers, and will differ from the Honda Vezel/HR-V that will be revealed on February 18 for other regions.” We think this means that the 2022 Honda HR-V for the U.S. will have its own engine lineup and feature different front and rear fascias.

    The new HR-V for Europe looks charming and more modern than the current model, with a distinctive front grille and a sharply sloped rear hatch. It retains the same central fuel tank layout as the old model, which means it keeps its spacious rear seat and cargo area with the so-called “magic seats” that fold flat into the floor and also allow you to flip up the bottom cushion. The dashboard design is clean and simple, with a tablet-style infotainment screen in the center and three knobs for the climate controls below.

    At this point, all Honda is saying about the HR-V’s hybrid drivetrain is that it’s the same two-motor setup seen in the company’s other hybrids including the Insight and the CR-V and Accord hybrids. We won’t be surprised to see an HR-V hybrid join the U.S. lineup as well, but it will likely come standard with a conventional gasoline engine in our market, like all of its competitors here. The turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-four found in the Civic, CR-V, and Accord seems a likely choice, and front-wheel drive will likely be standard with all-wheel drive optional.

    Honda hasn’t said when it plans to release details about the redesigned U.S. HR-V, but we expect to hear more possibly in the fall. It should go on sale here either by the end of 2021 or early in 2022.

    This story was originally published February 18, 2021.

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