New trailers: Cute girl, Booking dogs, Escape, What we do in the shadows, and much more


Season one Log is a wrapper and while I don’t know everyone loved the finale, the show is by far my favorite in the Marvel / Disney streaming series. This is mostly due to Tom Hiddleston’s fascinating performance as a name character, once a villain who has evolved … into someone else, not yet quite sure who. Lots of stories to pick out Log season two (yay).

And a reminder of that Ted Lasso week; the second season arrives on Apple TV Plus on July 23rd. There has been some evidence in the media popularity leading up to the new era that Ted and creator Jason Sudeikis are pretty much the same person: On the world premiere of the show Sudeikis wore a shirt in the names of three exposed English footballers racist vitriol on social media, to show their support. And Uproxx entertainer Mike Ryan shared the story of Sudeikis a few years ago, which gives more credibility to the Ted / Sudeikis theory. I love it.

This week’s trailers include a couple of comedies and a Pittsburgh-based Jason Momoa Netflix movie whose title confuses me somewhat.

Sweet girl

Jason Momo is starred as Ray Cooper, whose cancer wife dies when he can’t get the medicine he needs. Why? Because the pharmaceutical company took it from the market to raise the price. Ray is out of revenge / justice, and his daughter Rachel (actress Isabel Merced, presumably the sweet girl of the title) is involved in the search. Sweet girl ‘The trailer makes excellent use of the Pittsburgh Golden Triangle area, many bridges and even our tram line as dramatic backdrops for piercing, stabbing and throwing bad guys through the windows. Sweet girl will be on Netflix on August 20th.

Booking dogs

A new half-hour comedy series by Taika Waitit and Sterlin Harjo tells the story of an indigenous youth gang in Oklahoma whose criminal activities (they steal a cargo delivery truck in a trailer) are part of their broader plan to raise money to get to California. Booking dogs there is strong indigenous representation at all levels of production, and if the trailer has any indications, it’s a bad funny show that pushes holes in indigenous stereotypes. D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai, Devery Jacobs, Paulina Alexis and Lane Factor star Booking dogs, which will be coming to FX in Hulu on August 9th.

What we do in the shadows

This ridiculously funny play about terrified vampires is finally almost here, and we have this teaser that looks like Nandor is walking … in the sunlight !? He doesn’t come into flames, don’t worry; he only has VR headphones. This is a good binge show, and everyone has told you how fun it is, so try to find time to catch up before the season’s three hits on FX on September 2 (and Hulu days later).


We got a short tiger for the third season Titans last month, but we get a lot more from this first official trailer, including Red Hood, Vincent Kartheiser’s Scarecrow and Gotham, this season’s setting. Titans will be on HBO Max for his third season on August 12th.


This animated film (in German, with subtitles) doesn’t have a release date, but it won the Sundance Jury Award and is already producing an Oscar-Buzz, Zack Sharf says at Indiewire. It tells the story of a man, Amin Nawab, who was a child refugee from Afghanistan and fled with his family to Moscow. The trailer is just fascinating and uses voice interviews with Nawab. Riz Ahmed and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau are producers PakeneDirected by Jonas Poher Rasmussen.

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