Nintendo does not confirm that the OLED switch does not have a new processor or increased RAM


Nintendo just announced a new model of Switch with OLED display, but it will not bring major changes to the processor or RAM currently used in other iterations of the console, Nintendo confirmed Limit.

“The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) does not have a new processor or more RAM than previous Nintendo Switch models,” Nintendo said Limit.

The company did not mention any of the improvements it contained notification video, sen a marketing page dedicated to the new consoleor in its page list device specifications, so it is not surprising that this is the case.

Nintendo also confirmed Limit that all Switch docks are interchangeable, which means that a non-OLED switch can sit in the dock supplied with the OLED switch and that the OLED switch can be located in an older Switch dock.

As for Bluetooth headset support, something we really wanted an updated Switch, sounds like it’s not on the cards either. “We have nothing to report on this topic, but like the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles, the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) supports Bluetooth technology for Joy-Con controllers,” Nintendo says Limit. And even if you hear “enhanced sound” from the internal speakers, Nintendo says there is no change in the sound experience when you listen through headphones or TV speakers when you use the OLED switch.

A new OLED switch is released 8. October for $ 350. In addition to a larger screen and enhanced sound, it also seems to be much improved stand.

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