Nintendo eventually upgraded the Switch stand with a new OLED model


Nintendo’s new switch with OLED display looks promising for people who have wanted to play on a bigger, more vibrant screen. It’s worth getting excited about (despite the apparent lack of content), but I’m equally glad Nintendo changed the original Switch’s really horrible stand. Instead of a weak, fragile stand that tends to sway (or break if it fails), the new one takes a page Microsoft Surface Pro tablets – and it looks much better.

Looking at the back of the new Switch console, the stand is much wider and extends to the entire bottom of the tablet to better support its weight. The Nintendo notification video features an improved stand that supports customizations, which should give you more ways to use it comfortably. Another nice touch is the place in the middle of the stand so that the USB-C cable can pass through so you can charge the game while playing.

Switch has released several multiplayer and single-player games this year that will benefit from this improved stand. Nintendo announced the E3 in 2021 New Mario party and WarioWare games as well as first two Pre-war games. The company also publishes Fear of the Metroid October 8 – on the same day that the Switch with OLED starts.

Despite nearly five years of age, the original Switch hardware has lasted because it is smart and well-built and because it is based on standards like USB-C and microSD. The fast-paced stand was a blatant wrong move, and it’s great to see that Nintendo has redesigned it in the new OLED version. I don’t suggest you upgrade to this new $ 349.99 console just for the sake, but it will certainly blend in with the deal if you usually use the switch on a portable model or you might see yourself doing so.

It would be ideal if Nintendo’s learning switched to a cheaper model, mainly because the improved stand would be a really weird feature to reserve for the best console. Maybe we’ll hear more about it as we approach its October 8 release date.

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