Nintendo Switch Online reaches over 100 retro games


Nintendo has reached a milestone as Nintendo Switch Online includes an ever-growing library of retro games. The next batch takes over 100 games available, for a total of 104 with five new titles.

By latest form, the latest additions are not necessarily success stories. Here is the list:

  • Caveman Ninja: Joe and Mac, a prehistoric action game released in arcades and transferred to SNES by Data East in 1991
  • Magic Drop 2, the 1996 Data East game for SNES, which was originally in Neo Geo but never before received a Western release
  • Super Baseball Simulator 1,000, An SNES baseball game released by Culture Brain in 1991
  • Spanky’s Quest, A 1991 SNES action game by Natsume about a monkey with a magic bubble
  • Ninja JaJaMaru-kun, the popular Jaleco NES action game, released in 1985; it was only released in Japan, but it came to the Wii virtual console around the world in 2007

So no, still no On earth.

Nintendo is, of course, limited to what it can publish on the service for a number of reasons, including licensing issues, and it’s great to see that some vague titles are highlighted. But it’s clear that there’s not much left in the NES and SNES pipelines, and it would be a good time for the company to start thinking about maybe switching to N64 – especially now Super Mario 3D All-Stars (Including Super Mario 64) has been withdrawn from sale forever.

Until this hypothetical possibility arises, you can play five new games when they are added to the service on May 26th. Nintendo Switch Online costs $ 3.99 per month or $ 19.99 per year.


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