NIS America announced the arrival of the new RPG MONARK for PC, Playstation and Switch in 2022


NIS America has announced a new RPG, MONARK, coming for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, PS5 and PC in early 2022. Under this upcoming title, players intend to free the Academy from the mysterious and deadly fog. See the new ad trailer below…


In MONARK the madness-causing fog has swallowed the Shin Mikado Academy and everything has gone completely chaotic. In the role of an Academy student, players must save their friends and everyone inside by moving into a Daemon-filled dimension known as the Rest of the World. Players must learn to take advantage of their vanity authority and entice Fiends to battle seven Pactmasters. It is necessary to develop the Ego to break the contracts set by the Pactmasters if the perishable mist is removed.

MONARK features:

  • Jump into the otherworld and fog to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Academy.
  • Explore a surreal, dark neo-fantasy style world.
  • Strengthen the magical power of the Ego and modify the appearance and abilities of the Fiendies. Unlock various Fiendens to lead the battle.
  • Use the freeform tactical system to place the Fiends before you let the enemy into hell.

MONARK will be released on Playstation consoles, Nintendo Switch and PC in early 2022.

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