Nissan lowered the starting price of the electronic Leaf to less than $ 30,000


Nissan Leaf 2022 collection starts at just $ 27,400which makes it the cheapest mass market electric car currently available in the United States, by Electrek. The starting price drops to as much as $ 19,900 if you include the full $ 7,500 federal tax credit for which Nissan vehicles are still eligible. These prices do not include other fees, such as licensing and target fees or other state-level incentives, but it is a promising sign of how low-cost electric vehicles are becoming.

The exact price difference between Nissan’s 2021 and 2022 Leaf cars varies by model. The entry-level Leaf S with 40 kWh battery has dropped by $ 4,270 from $ 31,670 to $ 27,400, which is less than electronic Mini Cooper starting price $ 29,990 (Electronic Mini is often mentioned cheapest electric car currently in the US). However, Nissan’s biggest price cut can be found in the high-end 62 kWh Leaf SL Plus, which has dropped in price by $ 6,570 from $ 43,970 to $ 37,400.

The leaf is available with an estimated range of 226 miles.
Photo: Nissan

Despite the fall in prices, the technical data of the new Leaf cars are roughly unchanged compared to previous years. You should still get an estimated 149 miles range for a 40 kWh model or 215 to 226 miles for a 62 kWh version. However, all 2022 models now have a CHAdeMO quick charge port as well as a portable 240 volt charging cable that should provide more flexibility when charging the car battery.

The Leaf is currently the only electric car Nissan sells in the United States, but later this year it liberates Ariya, a new electric crossover SUV with a range of up to 300 kilometers. Announced last year, the Ariya is set to sell in Japan in the middle of the year, with the US and Canada following and pricing starting at around $ 40,000.

The Nissan 2022 Leaf is now on sale, Nissan says.

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