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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has worked to improve road safety and vehicle safety, and has called on Indian carmakers to provide at least six airbags as standard on all models they manufacture, regardless of body type or location. in. In a meeting with the Indian Automobile Manufacturers Association (SIAM), Gadkari discussed the possibility of adding all vehicles for sale to all airbags as standard, as well as the introduction of flexible fuel vehicles next year.

“I met with a delegation of CEOs from SIAM (Indian Automobile Manufacturers Association) today in New Delhi. Emphasizing the need to rapidly introduce flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) that can use 100% ethanol and petrol for the Indian car market within a year,” the minister said in a tweet.

“For passenger safety, I have also appealed to all private vehicle manufacturers to force at least six airbags on all vehicle options and segments,” he added.

Currently, most vehicles sold in India, priced at more than 10 billion rubles, offer six airbags, at least with a top-quality version. However, most vehicles at the budget end of the segment have up to two airbags. All cars sold in India must have at least two airbags as of August 31, 2021, and most models – including some of today’s cheapest cars – are already equipped with two airbags. The requirement for two airbags was only made mandatory recently, before which some cars were offered even without airbags.

The SIAM delegation also called for the postponement of future emission-based regulations, such as BS6 phase 2, CAFÈ phase 2 and OBD regulations for two-wheelers, according to the official statement.


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