No ear (1) goes official with a transparent design and a rough casing



Nothing, the latest technical launch of Carl Pie, the former founder of OnePlus, has officially released its first product – Nothing Ear (1). During the launch, the company has also confirmed that the brand is not limited to just headphones and will launch several products in the coming days.

No replacement (1) goes official in India: sale from 17 August

Just like leaks, speculation and official tigers, No replacement (1) is a transparent design. The carrying case and the earbud shaft are transparent, with a small hole in the case, which means that the carrying case can be used as a confusing spinner.

Nothing to replace (1) Specifications

No replacement (1) works with large 11.6mm speaker elements, and the sound is fine-tuned by a company called Teenage Engineering. One Ear Button weighs 4.7 g, which makes them lightweight and should provide a comfortable user experience.

The headphones themselves can last up to 5 hours on a single charge with active noise reduction. Nothing Ear (1) can last up to 36 hours with a fully charged case. Again, the case can be charged with a USB Type-C cable, and it also supports wireless charging.

The Nothing Ear (1) phone has soft silicone eartips that provide a perfect seal, which helps improve noise attenuation. By default, the earbuds are equipped with medium-sized eartips, and the retail package has small and large eartips.

Nothing Ear (1) can be used on both Android and iOS smartphones, and you can also download the Ear (1) app to customize your earbuds. Because of the connection, the Nothing Ear (1) is based on the Bluetooth 5.2 operating system and supports A2DP, AVRCP, HFP Bluetooth profiles, and AAC and SBC audio codecs.

Nothing to replace (1) Pricing and Availability

Just like the previous leak, Nothing Ear (1) will go on sale on August 17 at 12 noon in IST India and will be available exclusively on Flipkart for Rs. 5999. At this time, release information is not available for the first Nothing product.

Given the US price of $ 99, the Nothing Ear (1) is very cheap in India, and these TWS are likely to lock the Horn OnePlus Buds Pro and other mid-range TWS devices with ANC or active noise reduction.

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The story was first published: Tuesday, July 27, 2021, 7:50 p.m. [IST]

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