No launch of ‘Ear 1’ TWS headphones late until late summer



Carl Pein’s Next Adventure – Nothing is delayed with the launch of the first product. The product launch of the EarS-TWS in-ear headphones has been postponed to later summer. Ear 1 was due to launch in June 2021; however, it appears that the product is not yet ready to enter the market. While this isn’t a great start for Nothing, it’s not very surprising, as the first product release can be a bit challenging for a new brand, especially in a pandemic-affected world.

No launch of ‘Ear 1’ TWS headphones late until late summer

Founder of OnePlus has tweeted and a month ago we announced that ear (1) would be unveiled in June. We are close to the finish line and there are a few more things left. That is why @Nothing ear (1) will now appear a little later this summer. Your support and patience mean the world to us. More updates coming soon “.

No launch of ‘Ear 1’ TWS headphones late until late summer

In particular, nothing caused quite a fuss Internet releasing some renderings from uniquely designed genuine wireless in-ear headphones. Ear 1 is presumably transparent, and as Carl mentioned, it’s a mix of iconic shape, transparency, and sophisticated functionality.

Wondering why the transparent design of a product like headphones? Interestingly, Nothing’s mission is to remove barriers between technology and people to create a seamless digital future. The brand wants to integrate technology seamlessly into the lives of consumers because it feels non-existent, yet is everywhere.

While the idea sounds pretty interesting, we have to wait a little longer so that nothing takes shape in the real world. The specifications, expected price and features of the Ear 1 TWS earbuds are yet to be revealed to the world.

Ear 1 TWS earbuds are designed in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, a Swedish consumer electronics company known for developing high-quality audio products for audiophiles.
Nothing Ear 1 gets a hard finish like Apple Airpods, Samsung Galaxy Buds and Sony and Beats TWS in-ear headphones.

Image source: Nothing

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