No more Zoom weddings in New York after the Cuomo raised an enforcement order

Virtual weddings, one of the most pleasant traditions born during last year’s pandemic locks, are no longer legal in New York now that board member Andrew Cuomo has raised April Implementing Order. First reported New York times, The order signed by Cuomo was for an emergency and he revoked the EO on 25 June.

New York required by state law the couple planning the marriage must “declare, in the presence of an authorized officer or an authorized member of the clergy and at least one other witness, that each will marry the other.” So, for Zoom and other virtual weddings to be considered legal, new legislation would be needed.

The zoom wedding allowed brides and grooms to keep their wedding plans somewhat unchanged at the height of last year’s coronavirus pandemic, offering family and friends the opportunity to attend a special day in compliance with social distance requirements. Cuomo’s order even allowed committed New York couples to do the paperwork to obtain a marriage license through video in Project Cupid. People from other states traveled to marry New York because it was one of the first to officially allow virtual weddings, Times reported, and the change of status came as a surprise to many New Yorkers, including officials.

The governor’s office said Times that the state did not prevent people from “streaming a safe trip to the town hall or clergy office.” The Manhattan City Marriage Office, which closed last March in the midst of locks, is still closed for weddings, Times taken into account. Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio said Thursday that the marriage office will reopen on July 19 and couples can schedule wedding appointments as soon as July 23.

“It’s New York summer,” de Blasio said during the announcement. “A lot of people experience amazing things here, why not get married?”

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