No, Takis Did Not Discontinue The Green Bag


If you recently went to the store to get yourself some green taki bag and realized that they were all gone, you might have freaked out thinking they discontinued the green bag—don’t worry, you are not alone in this.

However, we’re here to let you know that this isn’t true; the green bag has not been discontinued and you can still get it at local stores. But if you really want your green bag, there are some other places where you can get your hands on it. Read on to learn more!


What happened

Some of you may have seen an alarming post on Reddit today. A user with a throwaway account claimed that his friend worked at Taco Bell and that they’d heard rumors of changes in seasoning mix to Takis. If true, it could mean some flavors are being discontinued. We reached out to our friends at Frito-Lay for comment.


How we reacted

Our first thought was that they discontinued it. Like they were trying to get rid of all of their old inventory. We’re not surprised that they might try something like that though! They are getting a lot more international exposure and now have to deal with other markets and cultures.

Some of those cultures might not like spicy food so much. So why not get rid of one flavor? It wouldn’t really be hurting anyone because there are hundreds of other flavors out there for them to try instead.


Why it was important

We can all take a deep breath: it appears that Takis didn’t discontinue its infamous green bag flavor. After consuming thousands of bagfuls of small green chili-flavored corn snacks (I swear to you I don’t work for Frito Lay), we at Highsnobiety have heard many rumors surrounding our beloved snack brand. Some say they were discontinued but there’s simply no truth in that.


What it means to you

Two days ago I saw an alarming post on Facebook, a post which said that a beloved snack food called Takis had discontinued their green bag. As someone who loves green bags and has many fond memories of receiving them as gifts for performing menial tasks in elementary school, I was quite upset to see that my time with these delectable treats would be cut short.

It turns out though, it’s actually not true! They are just discontinuing one specific flavor while adding two new flavors!


A look at the future

It’s unfortunate that, even as I write this, they’re already discontinued. But it wasn’t long ago that Takis released a limited edition green bag of chips. The bag was only given away to people who donated their old shoes to charity.

It was almost as good as giving away free bags of chips in general (which they do on occasion). I don’t understand why these kinds of events aren’t more common – maybe I should start an online petition?

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