Nokia X20 not included with included charger, such as Apple, Samsung and Xiaom ticket phones


The Nokia X20 does not come with a wall charger according to the smartphone product page. Nokia licensee HMD Global launched the smartphone earlier this month in Europe and it will go on sale next month. According to the Finnish company, this has been done to reduce the environmental impact of the Nokia X20. In the past, companies like Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi had announced that they would not ship the wall charger with their smartphones as they move toward durable, environmentally friendly packaging.

As per product page of Nokia X20, the company has emphasized that the retail package of the smartphone does not have a plastic wall charger and that the smartphone case in the box is “100% compostable”. technical information -page Nokia the smartphone also does not mention the wall charger in the package contents list. HMD Global was launched smartphone in Europe on April 8th.

Apple was the first large company stop delivery wall adapters with the launch of its iPhone 12 collection. Samsung soon followed by Apple and announced that its future models do not come with the included accessories such as a wall charger and headphones. The company said phasing out accessories from the phone could help make it more durable. Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun also had announced that the retail packaging of Mi 11 smartphones does not bundle the charger inside.

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