Nomad couldn’t resist wearing Apple MagSafe batteries in leather


Frankly, now that we’ve seen leather case for your MagSafe charging basket, everything is uphill from here. At least Apple’s new $ 99 MagSafe battery case is something you really carry and touch regularly where leather might make it more comfortable to hold. Maybe you already have a similar leather case for your iPhone? It looks like a good combination in photos. If you agree, Nomad is Pre-order is currently $ 30, broadcast in November.

(I only blame Apple for releasing the battery in white.)

Just know that it’s not clear from the company’s photos and description if this leather flap really does have a hole in the battery charging port. And while microfilter tape is much better (reusable, no sticky residue) compared to traditional Scottish, you should probably know that the tape keeps this piece of leather on.

I think I’ll wait and see how strong the magnets in the MagSafe battery case are before I put any more leather on the phone. Stay tuned: Dieter is currently working on that review.

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