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Nothing launched the first product called Ear 1 TWS headphones in India last month. The long-awaited in-ear headphones are available for purchase today from 12 noon on Flipkart. The highlights of the headphones are the transparent design language. They also come in a transparent case. Other highlights of the headset include its active noise reduction, three microphones and up to 34 hours of battery life.

None Ear 1 in-ear headphones

None Ear 1 in-ear headphones

Nothing Ear (1) TWS earphones price, availability, sales offers

The price of Nothing Ear 1 headphones in India is 5,999 rubles. The headphones are available for purchase in India today at 12 noon on Flipkart.

For sales offers, buyers receive a 500 ruble discount on ICICI Bank credit cards and a free 6-month subscription Ghana Plus.

Nothing Ear 1 specifications and features

None of the Ear 1 headphones support Active Noise Reduction (ANC) with two modes. These modes include light mode and maximum mode. Users can switch between the two according to their environment. They have 11.2 mm elements and weigh 4.7 g. It comes with Bluetooth 5.2 support.


The headphones have IPX4 class sweat and splash resistance.

The headphones have a 24-hour battery life with Active Noise Reduction (ANC), and can be extended up to 34 hours when the ANC is turned off with just a ten-minute charge. They also support wireless charging. According to the company, a 10-minute charge of the case provides up to 8 hours of battery life.

The headphones have IPX4 class sweat and splash resistance. They also have in-ear recognition and fast pairing features where it automatically connects to your phone as soon as you put them in your ear.

This app is available for both iOS and Android users. It allows users to customize the settings to suit themselves. It also helps you find earbuds by making a loud screaming sound if you lose them!


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