Nothing is a debut with in-ear headphones that cost $ 99 and feature noise reduction


Nothing’s debut headphones, the Nothing Ear (1), cost $ 99 / € 99 / £ 99 and feature Active Noise Reduction (ANC), company founder Carl Pei has said TechCrunch. Each in-ear headset will be equipped with three microphones to enable ANC, the company says, and will be initially released in the UK, India, Europe and North America afterwards. announcement on July 27th.

Pei, who has previously founded OnePlus, is using Ear (1) noise reduction to place in-ear headphones as a competitor to Apple’s $ 249 AirPods Pro. However, noise reduction is becoming more common in mid-range genuine wireless in-ear headphones. Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro for example, costs $ 130, while Amazon second generation Echo Buds includes the ANC and start at $ 120. However, at this price point, there are still a lot of in-ear headphones without noise reduction, as Google recently released Pixel Buds A series.

None of the founders used it either TechCrunch an interview to find out why the company decided to Acquire an Essential Brand |. “[B]That’s why we were called “Nothing,” “Essential” was one of those names we brainwashed internally, ”Pei said. TechCrunch. “So that’s why we’ve got the trademark. We have no plans to do anything with Essential.” Smartphone maker Android creator Andy Rubin started when he left Google, closed in early 2020 only one phone after release.

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