Now Prepare The Talaq form and khula (2022) by Female Lawyers

Talaq form and khula:

If you want to know that what is the procedure of khula in Pakistan or talaq form, you may contact us. Beyond these two requirements the child of the Pakistani mother and non-Pakistani father could apply for citizenship, but only under certain requirements and in accordance with an individual decision on an individual case-by-case basis.[44 In the report to the CEDAW Committee in 2016, State Party report to the CEDAW Committee on what is the procedure of khula in Pakistan or talaq form, the Pakistani Government claimed that there was no discrimination against women in the citizenship process.

State clarified:

Additionally, the State clarified the stringent requirements that must be fulfilled by the non-Pakistani spouse for an Pakistani woman seeking Pakistani citizenship are “to ensure the stability and permanence of the marital relationship with a view towards enhancing the woman’s status and avoiding a situation where she becomes a means to achieve her husband’s objective.” Pakistan State party report U.N. Doc. CEDAW/C/OMN/2-3 (2016)


Although an Pakistani woman is not deprived of her citizenship when she marries a foreigner, the law is still laced with unfair provisions that discriminate against women and their right to transfer her Pakistani citizenship on to her children and foreign spouse;* The law is in contravention of Article 17 of the Basic Law of Pakistan on what is the procedure of khula in Pakistan or talaq form;* Women must be able to transfer their citizenship under the same manner as men, with no discrimination.


We would like to encourage to the CEDAW committee to encourage State parties to: State of the party: V Do immediate steps to eliminate any discriminatory provisions contained in the Nationality Law and other relevant procedures, that limit the rights of women to acquire or retain citizenship on the same to men.

Procedure of Khula in Pakistan:

Particularly for what is the procedure of khula in Pakistan or talaq form make sure that Pakistani women are able to pass on their citizenship on to their children and foreign-born husbands as per the guidelines and conditions which should be equally applicable to Pakistani females and males, and without discrimination.v Recognize the right of independence of every parent to grant citizenship on the lineal descent of their children.


MUSAWAH VISION FOR THE FAMILY Musawah argues that in the 21st century, there can be no fairness without equal rights. A number of the clauses in Muslim family law according to the definitions of the jurists of the past and reproduced in contemporary legal codes on what is the procedure of khula in Pakistan or talaq form, are not tenable under current conditions nor defended on Islamic basis.

Family Law:

In addition, these family laws not meet requirements of the Shari’ahrequirements of justice, they are also employed to prevent women from having rights and a fair choice in the world. These factors are at the heart of marital discord and the disintegration in the home. Musawah believes that the Qur’anic principle as well as the richness of the Islamic legal tradition allow us to develop Muslim family laws that are inclusive and reflect the requirements of modern society.

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