Now you can explore the surreal Gucci Garden in Roblox


For the next two weeks Roblox gets a dose of top fashion. Currently, the fashion house Gucci hosts an artistic garden space, which is available Roblox users can explore from this date until May 31. The space was designed as a virtual counterpart to the real-world installation of the Gucci Garden Archetypes taking place in Florence, Italy.

Both virtual and IRL spaces are described as multimedia experiences, divided into a series of theme rooms called “Urban Romance” and “Tokyo Tribe.” It all sounds pretty surreal. Here’s an official description of what you’re going to do in the digital version:

When they come to the Gucci Garden experience, visitors detach themselves from their avatar as a neutral model doll. Without gender or age, the mannequin symbolizes that we begin all of our life’s journey as an empty cloth. The mannequins of the visitors wandering in the different spaces absorb the elements of the exhibition. As each person experiences the rooms in a different order and preserves different fragments of the spaces, at the end of their journey they emerge a unique creation that reflects the idea of ​​individuals as one among many, yet completely unique. .

It may sound like a strange combination, but over the past year, fashion and games have become much more closely linked. Burberry launched game costumes for the Chinese strategy game, Balenciaga created a postapocalyptic world instead of the traditional runway exhibitionand Louis Vuitton wore a virtual hip-hop group that consisted of League of Legends characters. In fact, this is not even Gucci’s first attack on space; the company used to make a pair of virtual shoes.

Just remember: Roblox is definitely not a video game.


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