Nvidia is paving the way for RTX GPUs for Chromebooks with a new Arm demo


Nvidia is working to greatly expand support for the RTX graphics card, with a new demo of the GDC 2021 introducing state-of-the-art gaming technologies such as DLSS and beam-tracking lighting that will work on Arm hardware for the first time.

The demo in particular is shown Wolfenstein: Young and NvidianBistro demo running on an RTX 3060 monitor connected to a MediaTek Kompanio 1200 Arm processor (MediaTek’s flagship processor designed for a new wave of more powerful Chromebooks). Obviously, the RTX 3060 can run these demos alone – but the basics built by Nvidia are important because they provide the drivers and support they need, especially on Arm hardware.

In total, Nvidia says it has ported five RTX technologies to Arm and Linux: DLSS, RTX Direct Illumination, RTX Global Illumination, RTX Memory Utility, and Nvidia’s Optix AI-Accelerated Denoiser. SDKs for tools with Arm with Linux and Chromium are either now available or will soon be available to developers.

And while it’s likely to take some time before you can buy a Chromebook with an Arm chip and RTX 3080 graphics card, today’s news is important proof of the concept, showing that more support is possible and that Nvidia is really interested in building the tools it needs. and software.

Of course, Nvidia does has recently been interested in ensuring that its GPUs continue to work well with popular arm-based systems such as Chromebooks (still waiting) Arm purchase for $ 40 billion last year.

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