Nvidia re-introducing the GTX 1080 Ti during the massive Silicon shortage

Nvidia is reported to bring back the older Pascal lineup of graphics cards. Nvidia looks to provide older graphics cards like the RTX 2060, GTX 1650, and GTX 1050Ti. A user from the Quasar Zone reported receiving a freshly produced GeForce RTX 1080 Ti graphics card after sending the older card for RMA.

Nvidia producing newer batches of GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Pascal GPUs, marking a return to ease the graphics card supplies

According to the forum and Twitter User Harukaze, Nvidia is secretly producing newer GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards. According to the post, the user sent his old GTX 1080 Ti for RMA and received a new graphics card. Upon further inspection, the card was labeled to be manufactured in 2021.

Nvidia started producing the GTX 1080 Ti card because it was a fierce competitor to the RTX 2080. The company stopped manufacturing the GTX 1080 Ti in 2018, but that doesn’t seem the end for the graphics card.

The user received the EVGA SC model, which received an update with a newer production date of 2021. Usually, when a company receives an RMA request, they ship the older stock they have in hand. EVGA wouldn’t just manufacture a new batch to fulfill the warranty. Most of the replacement units are produced early hand, launch, and the question is raised why is EVGA has recently started producing more cards.

GTX 1080Ti packaging

The Pascal architecture-based GTX 1080 Ti was one of the best graphics cards replacing the Maxwell cards. Even after the launch of RTX 2080 Ti, the GTX 1080 Ti still performed on top with the RTX series cards. AMD struggled to put out a card to compete directly with the GTX 1080 Ti and only fully succeed with its latest RDNA based graphics cards.

We have received a report from Nvidia resuming the production of GTX 1050, GTX 1650, and RTX 2060. Currently, the world is facing a significant silicon shortage raising the price of every electronic product. Nvidia is resuming the production of older cards for gamers. Bridging the older cards’ back will ease the demand, and gamers can finally get a graphics card to start gaming.

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