NYC’s key vaccination requirement for indoor dining can be met with the app


Today, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio announced “Key to NYC Pass” information, a plan that requires proof of vaccination against COVID-19 before you can get to places like fitness centers, restaurants, or entertainment venues. New Yorkers can meet these requirements by carrying a vaccination card or by scanning and storing it in one of two authorized mobile apps. Although some companies and events have already begun to require evidence of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test when employees and clients enter, government regulations. ”vaccine passports“Have been a controversial topic.

The spread of the highly contagious Delta variant is cited as a reason to increase restrictions without returning to complete closure or other measures. The program is due to start on 13 August and implementation is due to start on 13 September. It does not present new documents; the name is a reference to the fact that it serves as the “key” to the revitalization of the city.

Workers and protectors can confirm their vaccination status (at least one dose given) in one of the following ways:

Like Reuters mentions that NYC has already launched several other initiatives to vaccinate people, including a commission for city workers (or otherwise weekly tests) and a $ 100 incentive for the public. According to NYC data, about 60 percent of residents have received at least one vaccine.

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