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Ola Electric is making waves as it prepares to launch its first electric scooter – rumored to be called the S-Series – in the coming days. Company threw open reservations Ola Series S on 15 July (the amount of the reservation was confirmed to be fully refundable at Rs 499) and accrued one lakh orders to the e-scooter within 24 hours. Now, Tech2 has learned from Ola Electric’s plans to sell its e-scooters directly to buyers, avoiding the traditional dealer network, and that the Ola Series S-scooter will be delivered directly to buyers ’homes.

Ola Electric uses the direct sales to consumers model

Ola Electric is a new entrant in the scooter business and sees itself as a start-up in technical mobility and not a vehicle manufacturer. He is determined to take a different approach compared to established two-wheeled brands. Ola uses a direct-to-consumer sales model, so the entire purchasing process takes place between the manufacturer and the buyer, eliminating the need for Ola to set up a conventional dealer network, which would be a resource-consuming exercise. In India, Mercedes-Benz is adopting this sales model starting later this year, and Tesla has also followed the same model worldwide.

The Ola Electric series S-scooter will be delivered to buyers' homes.

The Ola Electric series S-scooter is delivered directly to buyers’ homes.

Ola has set up a separate logistics unit to facilitate the direct purchasing process and by providing potential customers mainly with the completion of documents, loan applications and other relevant steps online. This logistics team makes sure the scooter is registered and delivered directly to the buyer’s home. While luxury car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Land Rover have been making it easier for customers to take vehicles home for some time, Ola is the first player to implement such a model extensively.

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While this approach saves Olaa the resources needed to set up an extensive retail chain, it also means that the company will be able to meet demand in almost any part of India. Whether on the subway or in Tier III, those looking to buy an Ola scooter can do so because Ola makes sure the S-Series reaches buyers regardless of their location.

The Ola electric kickboard is said to have class-leading acceleration and range values.  Photo: Ola Electric / Tech2

The Ola electric kickboard is said to have class-leading acceleration and range values. Photo: Ola Electric / Tech2

In addition, Olan is expected to open “experience centers” – just like Ather Energy’s “Ather Space” stores – for potential buyers to check out the e-scooter in person and take it on a test drive.

Ola Electric is likely to offer the S-Series e-scooter door service

Without a full-fledged sales and service network, many people can reasonably be concerned about after-sales support. But the company is understood to address these concerns by preparing to provide door-to-door support to customers. Instead of making an appointment and then dropping the scooter at a gas station to take it back later, Ola arranges for service technicians to visit the customer and perform any necessary maintenance.

“It’s not like a regular scooter, so there won’t be traditional approaches. When you have to service a water purifier, you don’t take it to a service center – a technician will come to your home and make sure it works like a clockwork. said. Tech2.

The price of the Ola Electric series S-scooter is expected to range from 80,000 to 1.1 law

The Ola electric kickboard is expected to be available in Ola S1 and high-end Ola S1 Pro versions. The color options are expected to include matte black, matte pink, azure, white and more. Ola Electric has also revealed that the scooter can be charged with a standard 5A outlet or one of its Hypercharger charging stations, which are currently in more than 100 cities and will eventually cover more than 400 cities.

Ola Electric will initially cover 100 cities with its Hypercharger network.  Photo: Ola Electric

Ola Electric will initially cover 100 cities with its Hypercharger network. Photo: Ola Electric

The range of the Ola Series S-scooter is expected to be over 100 kilometers. When launched in the coming days, the Ola Electric kickboard is expected to be in the price range of 80,000 to 1.1 lacquers.

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