OnePlus combines OxygenOS with Oppo ColorOS


After last month’s announcement that OnePlus integrated into Oppo, effectively coming sub-brand of the phone manufacturer, company announced on Friday that it also integrates OxygenOS with Oppo’s ColorOS operating system (through 9to5Google).

The two companies ’software will remain separate and continue to serve their own regions (OxygenOS for OnePlus phones worldwide, ColorOS for OnePlus and Oppo devices in China), but they share common code information that OnePlus says will standardize its software experience and streamline future OxygenOS updates.

OnePlus says the change will also allow the company to guarantee better Android upgrade support in the future, something Samsung has also tried to improve last years. Here’s how OnePlus defines the update lifecycle:

  • Flagship phones, including the T and R models, will receive three major Android updates and four years of security updates.
  • Nord and Nord CE phones will receive two major Android updates and three-year security updates.
  • Nord N phones will receive one major Android update and three years of security updates.

OnePlus limits upgrade commitments to OnePlus 8 or later, so older OnePlus devices will fail.

The next step, whatever happens to OnePlus, Oppo and the wider BBK Electronics umbrella, the integration of enterprise software in the background seems to be net positive for OnePlus users. How independent OnePlus is now, when “integrated”, seems as unclear as when it was independent, owned by BBK and ostensibly shared some parts with Oppo, but as long as the phones are supported, it hopefully shouldn’t matter .

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