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OnePlus has signed an agreement with the Lionsgate Play streaming platform to provide users with new content on OnePlus smart TVs. Content comes from the Lionsgate Play Library. OnePlus TV users, including the owners of the latest OnePlus TV U1S, have access to countless Lionsgate Play content. Lionsgate Play may allow access to content such as box office receipts, Academy Award-winning films, and local titles.

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There are several titles that have become quite popular on the platform. This includes Hunter Killer, Normal People, Angel is Fallen, John Wick 3, Girlfriend Experience, Love Island, and more.

Lionsgate Play is available through OxygenPlay, allowing easy access to content on OnePlus TVs.

As a sign of the partnership, Navnit Nakra, Vice President, Strategy and Indian Sales Director, OnePlus India said: “With the OnePlus Smart TV portfolio, we focus on providing an unparalleled and immersive smart TV experience for our by genre and language, enhancing their content viewing experience.

The content can also be used in six different languages, namely Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada and Bhojpuri.

For those who don’t know, OnePlus has TV U, Y and Q series that include the latest OnePlus TV U1S, OnePlus TV Y1 and OnePlus TV Q1. All of these smart TVs come in several price levels: from low-cost to high-end TVs.

OnePlus TV Y1 starts at Rs 17999, OnePlus TV U1S starts at Rs 46999 and TV Q1 starts at Rs, 62900.


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